Nicole Rene. 24 . female. single. loving bearded man wanted. Art Student. So Cal living. La Dreaming. LA Kings. Hockey. Music. Art. Tattoos. New Castle. Malibu Rum. Piercings. Romance. Incubus. Poetry. Reading.
Just a preview of me.
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I guess I’m too old

For this shit…or I’m just a bore.
I have been in Vegas for the whole day and I’m just not into it. Don’t get me wrong I love to have fun…but this clubbing and dressing in tiny little dresses just isn’t for me anymore. Too crowded and too many douchebags (girls included in that) for me to handle.
I’m sitting in a hotel room watching spy kids trying to figure out how to smoke without these other girls I’m with finding out.
I think I am lame….o well haha.

Its almost 3

And I still have to take a shower. Fuck I have to be up in three hours.


Leaving for Las Vegas in the morning for a friends bachelorette party. I still haven’t even packed…I’m fucked. At least I’m not driving.
Tell me how does one smoke weed with a group of girls who don’t, and get away with it hahaha.


getting caught smoking weed under a parachute

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I just want to pour my soul out on someone and not have to worry about the mess I’ve made.

Give that bitch an upside down toilet

Bitches love taking shit the wrong way..

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Need a new bed partner

My best friend is an asshole who takes all the sheets…and most of my bed.
While I’m stuck in the corner with a part of the blanket.

Anyone wanna be her replacement in my bed hahaha.